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I’ve been a Bride, I’ve been around hundreds of weddings and continue to be in close proximity of Brides doing their Bridal makeup on the most special day of their lives so I UNDERSTAND the stress and the excitement that comes with the wedding morning so you can say that I have done some in-depth research!...


I have curated the perfect guide for you, soon to be BRIDE! From how to best prepare your skin for your wedding day to when to book in your vendors, to precise scheduling strategies for a tranquil bridal morning, I'm here to help you every step of the way.


What to expect:

  • When to start booking bridal vendors

  • Choosing the right artist

  • Choosing the right style of makeup and hair for your wedding day

  • Everything you need to know about Bridal Trials and maximising these appointments

  • Preparing your skin (this one is a BIG JUICY COMPONENT)

  • Scheduling your bridal morning (with loads of tips for the calmest getting ready process)

  • What to avoid to ensure you have a flawless makeup application

  • What essentials to have in your emergency kit

  • Tips on how to relax the night before your wedding



Bridal Beauty Guide - The ultimate Wedding guide

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